Chapter 11

Fashion is Danger

9 Marpenoth-11 Uktar

Having successfully hired on their staff, the party took some time for a much needed rest. A month passed as they followed their own pursuits, until Wesley presented them with a handful of letters at breakfast one morning. It seemed that several people had written requesting the party’s help for various different jobs.

After reading over the letters, the party decided to take on the request of one Lady Fiona Davoness, who requested their presence at Hartfield Estate as soon as possible- she believed an incoming shipment of hers was about to be waylaid. The party headed off for Hartfield Estate, and arrived after an uneventful trip.

Upon their arrival they were greeted by an immaculately, rather than practically, dressed servant. As he led them to Lady Davoness, the party noticed several other servants struggling to go about their days in similarly impractical attire. The party were ushered in to a large, black room, where Lady Davoness sat at a round table, cutting fabrics. After some brief introductions, Lady Davoness filled the party in on the dire situation. As the party should know, her name is widely recognized as one of the finest when it comes to fashion. Her looks are all the rage. It would be the UTMOST tragedy if her new colour, ETERNAL EBONY ™ was stolen and released to the world by her rival, Quincy Archer. She’s heard that Quincy plans on hitting her shipment arriving the following night, and will reward the party if they accompany her caravan and ensure that doesn’t happen.

Somewhat annoyed at the seeming triviality of the quest, the party accepted and were even more annoyed when they met the guards they were to travel with. Chad, Brad, Chett, Brett, and JD were nearly identical, with differing hairstyles being the only way to tell them apart. After some hacky sack filled travel, the party met up with the other caravan, and completed the trade seemingly without indecent. That night, however, the party was rudely awakened by a band of villains, intent on stealing the dye shipment.

A masked man with two rapiers seemed to be leading them, however once combat started he immediately tried to flee the scene. A hectic battle ensued, in which Adama mauled multiple bandits in her sabertooth form, Wylem was killed trying to climb on top of the wagon (and promptly resurrected thanks to Mystogan), and Brad, Chad, Brett, and JD were slain having accomplished nothing. While Chett mourned the loss of his comrades, the party interrogated the masked man, who turned out to be Quincy Archer himself.

After some terrible negotiating, the party decided it would be best to just tie Quincy up and bring him back with them. Quincy, not keen on this plan, tried to bargain his way out during the night. Creed turned down his deal, but Mystogan accepted, thinking he could easily recapture Quincy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and after freeing him Mystogan could only watch helplessly as Quincy dimension doored into the night.

Now initiated into the cutthroat world of fashion, the party head back to deliver the dyes to Lady Davoness…




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