Chapter 12

But What of the Children?!

12-16 Uktar

Having successfully escorted the dyes to Hartfield Estate, the party (minus Wylem, who retreated to the forest) spent two days being fitted and prepared for the upcoming masquerade, where they were to act as Lady Davoness’ models. The grand reveal of her new colour, ETERNAL EBONY, was a great success, and the party returned home with some sweet new outfits.

Going over the letters they had received, the party decided to head to Strathmore, where a woman in town had written them, saying the children had been reporting sightings of a green monster. Wylem had been having a bit of an existential crisis while everyone else was out modelling, and as the party prepared to leave, he slipped off, leaving a letter (which was heavily retconned by Mystogan) as his only farewell.

Continuing on, the party started the journey to Strathmore. A few uneventful days passed as they traveled on the Kingsroad, but as they woke on the third day, a strange encounter took place. A small, elderly gnome came shambling out of the bushes. He introduced himself with many different names, but said that they could call him Sharpe. He had been sent to find the Heroes of Caerlin, although he wasn’t specific on who sent him or why. All he knew was that it felt right. The party tried to leave him behind, but had no luck. So Sharpe joined the party for the time being.

The rest of the journey included a fight with two ettins, where Sharpe found himself used as a club against the unfortunate Creed, and Creed retaliated by slaying both ettins almost single-handedly. They came across some farmers who were on the lookout for an owlbear, but they were pretty sure they’d managed to shoot it. After chastising them, Adama ran off into the woods while everyone else kept walking, and found a baby owlbear. Taking the little creature with her (and chastising the farmers again) she caught up, and the group arrived at Strathmore.

They concocted a plan, with the help of the parents- the children would have a big sleepover in one of the barns, while the party and parents would keep watch from nearby, ready to jump in should the creature appear…




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