Chapter 15

The Shadowlands

26-30 Uktar

Having proved themselves to the dwarves by slaying the deadly Behir, the party was escorted to the Shaperate, the hall in which dwarven memories are stored. Velka was there, searching for the source of the corruption afflicting the chalice.

After some discussion, Velka agreed to the party’s offer of assistance. She believed the chalice was bound to a dark creature, a remnant of the Slain God’s power. This was far in the Shadowlands, over the Silverdeep mountains, about a month’s journey away. The party would venture into the woods, to clear out the source of the corruption, while Velka returned the chalice to the temple of Omos, located on an island past Modan.

Without further ado, the party headed off through Silverdeep, entering the town of Waydale on the other side. They quickly discovered that Waydale was under the protection of The Silver Hand, thanks to Adama’s poorly timed transformation into a large bear. After spending the night in a cell, Adama rejoined the party, and they continued on to Shadowlands, hitching a ride part of the way.

Upon entering the forest, the party found it difficult to judge distance and time- it seemed to be stuck at dusk, and tracking their progress through the twisted and dying forest was a challenge. They stumbled upon a clearing containing a scene of frozen battle- three members of the Silver Hand, fighting a werewolf.

Curious as to what was causing this, Adama approached the still figures, finding herself frozen as well when she touched them. Two wraith-like creatures appeared, attempting to ambush the party. After a long battle, the creatures fled, dropping their trap- leaving the corpses of the Silver Hand and freeing the injured werewolf.

The werewolf spoke to the party, thanking them for their assistance, and introducing himself as Ceirnon. He explained that there had been more of them frozen, but the creatures had been slowly returning to claim new meals as time wore on. He wasn’t sure how long he had been there. In return for their assistance, he agreed to take them to meet the rest of his tribe, and the party followed him deeper into the forest…




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