Chapter 10

Heroes and Hiring

7-8 Marpenoth

As the Amadan Duhr fell to Wombert’s rapier, a blinding light burst forth from the sword Wylem carried. With the death of their foe, the curse on Runa had been broken. After healing the party, she told them she would take care of Yamara, her ancient enemy- it was, after all, what she had been created to do.

The party, with Syldrin still travelling in their midst, began their escape from Laath Themar. Keeping to the shadows, they managed to avoid any further conflict on their way out of the city, though they passed through scenes of chaos. With Wylem leading the way, they headed towards Ardenstone, where Seven and members of The Reach had opened a portal back to the surface. As they caught up to the rushing mob of former prisoners and slaves, the party did their best to aid anyone they could, expending what limited resources they had left.

Once they made their way through the portal, they found themselves in the wide fields on the outskirts of Caerlin. In the general chaos of the scene, as Mystogan had his first encounter with the surface world and its sun, the party lost track of Syldrin, who slipped away. However, there was no time for a search, as they were summoned to the castle to give their report to the King. After they told the King what had happened, he thanked them, and requested their presence at a royal address the following morning. As the party headed to their chambers, Musof stayed behind and confessed a secret to the King- his true name was not Musof Lythalion Cebee, but Creed Blightwood…

The following morning, the party (minus Wylem, who watched from the crowd) stood in front of the assembled citizens of Caerlin, who cheered on the heroes who had ended the drow threat. The King bestowed titles on each of them, as well as deeding Darrowmere Manor to them. The party decided to head to their new home for some much needed rest.

However, running a home is a big job. They needed to hire some staff, which took some considerable thinking. After some observation and interviews, the party hired:
• Captain of the Guard- Galreth
• Head Chef- Russek Evermead
• Steward- Wesley Cauldwell
• Guards- Lana Axehand, Tura Kreel, Draka, Brani
• Groundskeeper and assistant- Sajax, Tuck
• General staff for cooking/cleaning- Cella & Tilly
• Stable hand – Norris Aldren

The other downside to being a hero is that people start to come to you with their problems, something the party is beginning to learn…




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