Chapter 5

The White Tomb

13-25 Eleint

Refreshed after a night’s sleep in the Goliath’s mead hall, the party set out for the White Tomb under the guidance of Skywatcher Ufrang. Along the way, Wylem and the Goliath Champion chatted amicably, with Ufrang sharing the ways of his people in response to Wylem’s many questions. As the day reached its end, the party found themselves at the Edge of the World, overlooking a vast expanse of sea.

Ufrang led them to a jutting outcrop of rock, just above sea level. Raising his arms in the air, he chanted the following:

“Hail to the keeper,
Hail to the watcher,
Guardian faithful
In reaches of night

Hail to the speaker,
Hail to the knower,
Death to the chaos
In Solas’ light”

Upon the completion of this chant, a longboat rose from the depths of the sea. The party boarded the ship, which took off on its own magical course, leaving the mountain and Skywatcher Ufrang behind them. After another day’s travel, their destination came into view- an ancient, smooth marbled structure rising out from the depths. The boat docked itself at the steps leading to the entrance, sinking back out of sight after the party had disembarked.

Just after entering the Tomb, the party felt an immediate unease. Delving further in, they found the resting place of the Goliath champions defiled, with words in a foul language scrawled on the walls. The party encountered several ghosts, and after a harrowing fight which saw many of the group age due to the ghost’s life draining magic, they managed to send their enemies back to their rest. Choosing to rest and recover for the night before descending the stairs that led to the depths of the tomb, the party slept outside the entrance, first spending a few moments to try and undo some of the desecration.

The next morning the party descended the spiralling stairs, finally emerging into a cavernous room, empty save for a massive greatsword embedded in the jagged rock in the centre of the room. Elyos noticed the symbol on the sword’s handle, which matched the one on his arm- as he took hold of the blade, it shrunk to fit his hand. The party heard a voice speak in their mind- Runa Skyborn, the titan guardian of the Tomb, had been trapped in her own sword.

She proceeded to tell the story: how a dark, blue black skinned man with pure white hair arrived at the island, along with the great black dragon, Sintharia. He wore armor of black leather, with obsidian raven’s feather details on the shoulders and legs. He was barefoot. On his face, and running down his arms, she could see silver-blue script in an infernal language, which seemed to run over his body. Two lines ran into his eyes, and the pupils were the colour of the script, which seemed to glow faintly. She did not know hear his name, but Sintharia referred to him as “Dubh Catha,” meaning “Dark Crow.” Runa referred to him as Godtouched, saying she did not recognize the magic he used to bind her there. The dragon ripped the tomb from the floor, and the two exited through a portal.

With Elyos taking the sword, the group returned and told the Goliath’s what had happened. The Champions handed the group The Horn of Valor, telling them to use it in their time of need. Z informed the party that he would be leaving them, and staying to learn from the Goliaths for a time. The party then made the journey (by gryphon) back to Caerlin, reporting to the King all they had learned. King Eldin requested their presence at a council to be held in the near future, offering to have the party stay in the guest quarters in the castle for the time being. The party accepted, and await the call to the council.




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