Chapter 6

Into the Underdark

26-30 Eleint

Having spent a few days resting in the castle, the party was called to attend the council. Upon arriving, they saw a few familiar faces- King Eldin, Knight-Captain Alvard, and Wynnifred Reed. The King introduced them to the remaining council members- Brom Battlefist, the ambassador from Silverdeep; Rhovull Vrakryn, the ambassador from Rimefell; Darron Thurlo, High Priest of the Four; and Mara Vollan, Master of Secrets.

Musef related their findings to the council, and Mara presented the recent information she had gathered- her contacts in the Caerlin chapter of The Reach had a way into the city. They had a contact in place who knew the city, and who had worked closely with drow before. They reported that there was dissent beginning to grow within Laath Themar, some who didn’t wish to see Yamara returned to power.

After a lengthy discussion, the party decided to act as Caerlin’s eyes on the ground, and head to Laath Themar to assess the situation. The Reach transported them to their access tunnel, and the party ventured into the Underdark. Walking through the dark, ever downwards, the party encountered a “village” of plant creatures. Unsure when they would encounter opposition, they decided to pose as Wylem’s prisoners until they were in the clear. They continued single file, tied to a rope, with Wylem leading them down the path ahead. After what felt like hours of wandering through the darkness, they spotted a fire ahead with a hooded figure seated nearby. Awkwardly stating that he had prisoners to deliver, Wylem was surprised when the figure laughed, removing her hood and introducing herself as Seven Sixclaw, their contact.

With Seven joining them, the party continued ever downwards, encountering the strange creatures and sights that lurked far underground, hoping to find their way through the many twisting tunnels of the Underdark…




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