Chapter 8


3-4 Marpenoth

After spending the night in Mystogan’s safehouse, the party was introduced to Commander Elvina Arkenth, the granddaughter of Velen, and a resurrected military leader in the city. She outlined the plans to see her grandfather assume control of the Gloaming Court, and pointed out targets of interest in the city. She would divert some of the forces in the Laath Themar to another area, ensuring that the party wouldn’t have to deal with the full military might of the city.

First on the party’s list of targets was the tower of the First Arcanist, Thalryssa. As she was the one upholding the anti-magic wards on the prison and slave pens, it was crucial to find where her loyalties were. With Mystogan pretending to be bringing interesting subjects to Thalryssa to study, they were granted an audience, and quickly escorted up the tower by the slave, Belwin. After a tense conversation, Thalryssa declared she was quite busy, and needed to be about her errands. She invited the party to stay and see if they could find anything useful. While not an explicit offer of support, the party caught on to her meaning, and searched through the tower after the First Arcanist had departed. Reaching the top floor, they found a large crystal being used as a focusing lens of sorts. After some terrible sneaking by Musef, and a poorly placed fireball (courtesy of Adama) that knocked an unfortunate Wylem unconcious, the party managed to destroy the crystal. Sensing that the magic had been dispelled, they made haste to the prison.

Once again posing as prisoners, the group made their way through the outer defenses, escorted by a somewhat bemused guard. Bringing them to the locked doorway leading to the cells, the guard went to get Vandros, the Warden. Upon seeing the group, and confirming they were the ones sent by Elvina, Vandros slew the guard- and handed his keys to the party. Telling them to “make it look convincing,” he got a bit more than he bargained for when he was promptly mauled by Adama in her bear form. Heading in to the prison, the party fought their way through the guards, and began busting the prisoners out of their cells. Descending to the lowest level of the prison, the party discovered the chained form of Saphiron the Brightweaver, a large, crystalline dragon. Stating his hatred for the race that had imprisoned him with cowardly magics, the dragon agreed to fight alongside them, Together, they helped free him from his bonds. After a rousing speech from Mystogan, the prisoners began to surge out in a more organized fashion, knowing that this was their only chance at survival. Arming themselves with what they could find in the storage rooms, they spilled out of the prison, heading towards the slave pens as directed. The great form of Saphiron bursting through the roof of the prison behind them.

Exhausted and injured, the party stopped for a brief moment of rest before they too headed on, towards the slave pens. It had been a long and trying day, but there was still much to come…





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