Chapter 9

Face to Face

5-6 Marpenoth

Having succeeded in their attempt to free the prisoners, the party stopped for a moment to catch their breath before heading on to the Slave Pens. Strapped for resources, and having exhausted much of their spells, they were still determined to liberate the slaves before the day way done.

While they were heading to the Slave Pens, Mystogan mentioned the interesting story behind the Slave Master. Once a respected member of the Gloaming Court, he took an inappropriate interest in one of his slaves, a human female. She escaped, leaving him disgraced and ruined, sent to live among the slaves he oversaw. When the party reached the gate to the slave pens, they were met by Kynan and Seven, who explained the situation. While the prisoners had taken the guards by surprise, the Slave Master, Syldrin, was holding a respected gnomish elder, Cella, hostage in an attempt to protect himself. The party agreed to assist in resolving the situation.

As they confronted Syldrin, who demanded assurances of his own safety before he would relinquish his hold on Cella, tensions escalated as Wylem revealed the truth behind the situation- Arya, the human woman who had escaped from Syldrin all those years ago, was his mother. Once Syldrin had sheathed his weapons and been restrained by Mystogan, Wylem attacked in a rage. His companions attempted to come between the two, and eventually succeeded in preventing Wylem from killing his father. Leaving Syldrin in his house, the party settled down for some much needed rest.

The following morning, the party continued to finalize their plans, intending to head to the heart of the city to meet its leader in battle. Kynan continued to lead strike teams through the city to draw off attention, while the great crystal dragon, Saphiron, created havoc from above. Heading out, they discovered that Syldrin had vanished in the night. With no time to lose, they made their way through the city. Just before they reached their target, they encountered a group of drow guards, including Syldrin. Thanks to Musof’s magical abilities, they were able to slip past unnoticed.

There, before them, they saw the White Tomb, with a figure standing before it. A steady stream of blood pooled over the top of the tomb, and to the floor below. After a brief exchange, the party threw themselves into a long and arduous battle with their greatest foe, the Amadan Duhr himself. Though she was still bound to her sword, Runa supported the group with healing and divine magic, enabling them to fight beyond their means. Yamara lent her powers to the Amadan Duhr, the White Tomb radiating dark and sinister effects. The battle was joined by the drow Musof had incapacitated earlier, though Syldrin turned against his own kind and fought on the party’s side. Throughout it all, the party managed to stay strong, and Wombert, who had suffered the most throughout the fight, finally striking the killing blow. They had defeated the Amadan Duhr, but the White Tomb loomed above them, the city was in chaos, and they were still deep in the Underdark…




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