Knight-Captain Alvard

Council of Caerlin


Age: 56
Occupation: Captain of the Guard


Stern and unyielding, Knight-Captain Dane Alvard is responsible for the safety of both the city of Caerlin, and its ruling family. A personal friend and ally of the King and Queen, he divides his time between the castle and the kingsguard barracks.

The party first encountered Knight-Captain Alvard during Episode 3, when he escorted them (and Prince Theron) to the castle.

During Episode 4, Alvard was slow to trust the party due to the fact that they had both a tiefling and half-drow in their number.

In Episode 6, Alvard was present for the Council meeting, mentioning that it might be best to ensure the threat of the drow was ended permanently.

Knight-Captain Alvard

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