Race: Gnome
Age: 400+


Widely respected as a leader among her people, Cella was the elderly gnomish slave of the drow Slave Master, Syldrin.

About 30 years ago, while Syldrin still occupied a seat in the Gloaming Court, She aided the human slave Arya in her escape from Laath Themar, telling her of the path to the long-deserted gnomish city of Ardenstone, and mixing a potent sleeping draught which Arya then slipped to both her and Syldrin. Severely punished for her failure to ensure her master’s safety, Cella was left with crippled hands. In order to further humiliate and punish him, her master was demoted to the low position of Slave Master, and the two were sent to live in the slave pens.

The party encountered Cella during Episode 9, where they freed her from a hostage situation. She seemed to understand who Wylem was at once, and was visibly moved to learn that Arya had made it to the surface, stating that she hoped she would see Wylem again on the surface.

During Episode 10, Wylem made a trip back to Caerlin to ask Cella if she would come work for the party at their new home. Cella was delighted, and accepted. She is now on staff as general help around the house.


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