Dr. Brandin

Dr. Brandin's Magical Menagerie, Explorer's League


Age: ?
Race: Orc
Faction: The Explorer’s League


A charismatic and somewhat abrasive orc, Dr. Julius Brandin spends much of his time (and considerable fortune) travelling the world, capturing magical creatures for his menagerie. A respected member of the Explorer’s League, Dr. Brandin’s finds are made available for study at his mansion, just outside of Modan. Dr. Brandin loves to showcase the unique creatures he has collected, and developed his popular Magical Menagerie and Travelling Circus in order to tour them across the continent.

A true collector, Brandin is deeply interested in rare finds of all sorts, with a great knowledge of legendary magical items.

The Party first encountered Brandin during Episode 1, after they visited his travelling show. It was revealed that he was in the area to recover a rare artifact, which he tasked the party to retrieve for him.

During Episode 3, The Party, having decided that the Oathstone was too dangerous to give to Brandin, returned to him and lied about finding it, giving him an orb of fireball instead.

In Episode 4, the party agreed to hand the Oathstone over to Brandin following the death of Ampelio. Dr. Brandin took the stone and vanished, thanking them for their help.

Dr. Brandin

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