King Eldin Elric

Ruling Family of Caerlin


Caerlin is an old and historic city, at least by human standards. Reaching its 500th year, the city’s humble beginnings can still be seen in the attitude of it’s ruling family, the Elrics. Refusing the extravagance that tempts many rulers, the story goes that upon assuming the throne some 200 years ago, King Galen Elric melted down the golden throne that had been commissioned by the cities former ruler opting instead for a seat of solid oak. Years down the line, his descendant Eldin Elric continues that tradition. Widely respected as a just and fair ruler, Eldin and his wife have been ruling the city for over 20 years.

The Party first met the King in Episode 3, when they saved the young Prince Theron from his drow captors, bringing him back to the council. Eldin expressed his gratefulness, and was impressed that the party asked for no reward.

During Episode 4, The Party were summoned to meet with Eldin over breakfast, where he requested the group go to Farreach to seek some answers. The group agreed and headed out on the king’s errand.

Episode 5 saw The Party return to Caerlin, reporting the result of their mission to the King. Eldin provided them rooms in the castle’s guest wing, requesting they share their findings at an upcoming council meeting.

The party agreed to travel to Laath Themar after meeting with the King and his council in Episode 6, with Eldin thanking them for their continued support.

King Eldin Elric

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