Elyos Vakata

Former Party Member


Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter
Faction: The Explorer’s League
Status: Deceased


A somewhat bumbling but good natured scholar, Elyos loves examining and learning about all manner of creatures (though he seems to hold the smallest ones in the highest regard). A member of the Explorer’s League and personal friend of its leader, Durvan Gall, many naturalists will have come across his works, whether it be his earlier papers or his novels on the seasons of Arlasar.

While Elyos is happy to talk your ear off about his latest fascinating discovery (typically over a cup of properly prepared tea), he is also a capable fighter, wielding his glaive with prowess. A gentleman, a scholar, and a warrior in his own way, Elyos is happy to explore Cerrunos in the company of his newfound friends.

During the events of Episode 7, Elyos was cut down in a desperate fight against one of Yamara’s dark, twisted creatures. His body was laid to rest in the Conservatory of Ardenstone, with the Grove Guardians watching over it.

Elyos Vakata

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