Erath Vatiss

Dr. Brandin's Magical Menagerie, The Minstrels


Age: 29
Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard

Drunny Ironhand

Faction: The Minstrels


Charming, handsome, intelligent, soulful, talented…these are the words many would use to describe the great Erath Vatiss, and he would agree with that description. An expert lute player, songwriter, and singer, Erath travels in high circles with his fellow troupe members, Drunny and Nathenril.

The party first encountered Erath during Episode 1, where he was running a performance competition at Dr. Brandin’s magical menagerie. He presented each contestant with a white rose, and, if they were lucky, an autographed flute. Glimpsing Adama in the crowd, he presented her with a rose as well, which she promptly rejected. He was seen performing in a tavern later that night.

In Episode 3, the party saved Erath and his troupe (minus their orc drummer, who was killed) from captivity. They had been on their way to Strathmore when they were captured, but decided to return to Caerlin with the party to report what had happened to the city guards.

Erath Vatiss

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