Ingvar Stormwalker

Farreach Hold


Age: 47
Race: Goliath
Balagard Skyson- Brother


A goliath of few words, Ingvar tends a herd of caribou on the edge of Limberlost, acting as the contact for those few who wish to visit Farreach Hold. While leading his caribou to graze out in the fields, he came across the lost kenku, Wombert. He took the little fellow back with him, giving him a place to stay (any providing many raisins).

The party first encountered Ingvar in Episode 4, when they searched Limberlost for a guide to take them to Farreach.

In Episode 5, Ingvar helped the party return to Limberlost. He bid farewell to Wombert, as the Kenku decided to go with The Party.

Ingvar Stormwalker

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