Creed Blightwood (Musof)

Party Member


Race: Human
Class: Warlock


Musof Lythalion Cebee, Duke of Reshe, appreciates the finer things in life. Knowing the importance of leaving a good impression, he is always immaculately dressed, well spoken, and (for the most part) well mannered. Though armed with only simple weapons, Musof is still quite competent at dispatching enemies, and seems to have a knack for coming out on top, no matter the situation (perhaps due to his seeming ability to read minds and see the future, as Elyos would tell you).

During Episode 10, it was revealed that Musof’s true name is Creed Blightwood, and that he had created Musof as an persona.

Creed Blightwood (Musof)

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