Sintharia, Harbinger of the Four


Age: ?
Race: Dragon

“Your Age of Mortals has gone on far too long. I am the chosen Harbinger of the Four Heralds- Death, Pestilence, Plague, and War. And I will see the work of the so-called betrayer gods fulfilled.”


Though little is known about the past of the black dragon Sintharia, her influence has been seen in many different situations.

In Chapter 1, the party learned that the Oathstone had supposedly been taken from her lair.

During the events of Chapter 5, Runa told the party of how Sintharia aided the Amadan Duhr in removing Yamara’s coffin from the White Tomb.

When the party met up with Seven in the Underdark, she informed them that Sintharia had not been seen recently, and was perhaps no longer involved.

The party encountered Sintharia again during their adventures through the ruined city of Scholomance. Both Arthion and Beathan mentioned that she had been seen there many times, though more recently as of late.

During the events of Chapter 20, the party learned that Sintharia had been chosen by the betrayer gods as the Harbinger of the Four Heralds of the Apocalypse. It was her role to locate and “wake” the Heralds to their true nature. She confirmed that she had located one Herald, Death, and it was implied that she had encountered at least one other. The party learned that she had mistakenly believed the Amadan Duhr to be War, hence her involvement in Laath Themar.

At the end of their conversation, Sintharia implied that she knew where the party’s home was, and that she may have done something to it in retaliation for them interrupting her plans.

Sintharia, Harbinger of the Four

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