Skywatcher Ufrang

Farreach Hold, Champions


Age: 56
Race: Goliath
Class: Druid

Champion of Yun-Harla alongside:
Mjordin Twiceborn
Hyrja Wolfcaller


A grizzled older goliath, Ufrang is one of the three Champions of Yun-Harla, proven by his valorous deeds.

The party first encountered Ufrang during Episode 4, when they chose him as their opponent during the Trial of Valor. Following the fight, Ufrang proclaimed them worthy, and they were accepted as honoured guests of the Hold.

In Episode 5, Ufrang led the party to the boat that would take them to The White Tomb, stating upon the party’s return that he needed to travel there himself to undo the damage that had been done. Along with the Thane and other Champions, he gave the party the Horn of Valor.

Skywatcher Ufrang

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