Wylem Dervin

Former Party Member


Race: Half-Elf (drow)
Class: Ranger


While all half-elves are rare, a half-drow is nearly unheard of. Regarded with a mix of fear and suspicion, it’s no wonder Wylem has bonded more with nature than his fellow man. Though he prefers to keep to himself, Wylem will speak up when he feels the need, offering a well timed comment or suggestion. Deadly with a bow, Wylem is at home in the wild places of the world, though he won’t say no to good company when the chance arises.

After falling in a relatively meaningless battle, protecting some dye shipments, Wylem was brought back by Mystogan. He spent some time reevaluating, and, not feeling a strong connection to the party, decided to leave and pursue his own matters.

Wylem Dervin

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