Chapter 13

Bird's the Word

17-24 Uktar

Having prepared their plan during the day, the party had the children of Strathmore gather to sleep in a large barn on the edge of town. With the parents waiting down the street, the party kept watch outside- except for Creed, who told them to wake him up if anything happened. After a while, something did happen- the darkness became darker, signifying that something had entered the barn.

After some tedious attempted combat in the dark against an invisible teleporting creature, it was finally revealed that they were fighting a grossly obese Nycaloth, who had been feeding off the fear of the city’s children. Ignoring its offers of power, the party managed to slay it, keeping the children safe. They accepted a small but heartfelt reward from the townsfolk, and decided to head back to their home.

On the way, Adama decided it was time to teach the elderly farmer she’d chastised a serious lesson. With the party following, they made their way to the ramshackle house where the old man lived with his two sons. After yelling at the man, Adama set his fence on fire. As the old man cried about contacting the guards, Creed, Wombert, and Sharpe helped him put out the fire. Creed gave him a generous handful of gold to apologize, and the party headed back to the road.

After a few days, they were close to home, but decided to take up their final quest- aiding Kelvin the farmer with the “derned big burds” that were causing him trouble. Kelvin turned out to be a stooped, elderly man who lived in a cozy cottage not too far from their own home. He invited them all in for tea, and explained that his sheep were being carried off. He used to have 6-now only 3 remained.

After hatching a brilliant plan (and locking the baby owlbear in the woodshed), the party headed into the forest. The following morning, Adama turned into a sheep and bleated loudly, which succeeded in attracting the giant eagle on its way to steal another of Kelvin’s sheep. It had barely got its talons around her, when it was promptly destroyed by Creed. The party celebrated by cutting off various bits of the eagle, with Sharpe beginning to cook some tasty eagle meat breakfast.

Suddenly, a second eagle flew overhead. The party began to panic, rushing back towards Kelvin’s house- Sharpe stayed put, continuing to cook breakfast. Just as they arrived, the eagle was taking off, with a sheep in its grasp. They chased it back through the forest, with Sharpe giving up on breakfast and joining them.

They came out into a clearing, where a hill with a giant, dead tree rose out of the ground. A huge nest with 3 baby giant eagles (who were devouring the sheep) loomed before them. After a long and confusing encounter, in which Wombert was thrown out of the nest for pretending to be a featherless hatchling, Creed murdered another giant eagle, Adama spent a lot of time bleating, and the party learned the importance of rope, they headed back to Kelvin’s cottage, with three baby eagles in tow…




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