Chapter 2

The Eye of the Beholder

25-26 Eleasis

The group made their way through the rest of the mansion, with several interesting encounters taking place along the way. Taking up much of the party’s time was their meeting with the somewhat deranged Spectator, Grimbol. Set to guard one of the final skulls by a crazed Malserus, Grimbol remained faithfully guarding his bathtub- regardless of the party’s efforts. Finally, Z decided it was time to act, and attacked Grimbol, throwing the party into a combat which saw many of them immobilized, terrorized, or even turning on their comrades while under Grimbol’s magic. Musef and Elyos managed to avoid the worst of the Spectator’s eye beams by darting in and out of the room, with Elyos finally landing the killing blow, running Grimbol through with his glaive. Moving through the rest of the house, the group finally collected the rest of the skulls, setting them in their proper order. A secret compartment was revealed, containing a key and some treasure. Together, they headed up to the attic to seek out the item they’d been hired to find, finding some treasures of their own in the dusty room.

Inserting the key into the moon-shaped lock, the group gained access to Malserus’ study. Rushing in, Adama, Wylem, and Z immediately vanished, to find themselves on another plane with the shambling corpse of Malserus. One blow from Adama crumpled the once-powerful wizard, and the three reappeared in front of a somewhat bemused Elyos and Musef. Going through Malserus’s desk revealed a small, stone cube- the supposed wishing stone they’d been sent for.

With their task complete, the party returned to the servants, finding the curses that had affected the mansion ended. The servants decided to remain at the mansion for the immediate future, and the group departed, spending a night camping outside the manor gates while they tried to decide what to do next…




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