Chapter 22
Between a Roc and a Hard Place

17- 21 Tarsahk

The party continued on down the Kingsroad, keeping their eyes peeled for any signs of the plague. After some travel, they encountered a pack of sick looking wolves, but were able to easily avoid them, thanks to their moving house. They stopped to rest for the night, but were awakened by the sound of howls, and something hitting the roof- the wolves had caught up, but it seemed that they were fleeing from something much more dangerous. Running outside, they saw that a hunting Roc had chased the wolves down the road, and they were now caught in the middle. Adama transformed into a giant owl, grabbing the attention of the roc, getting it to strafe by so her allies could hit it- unfortunately, she was soon grappled by the powerful bird, and knocked out of her owl form. Using her cunning planning skills, she transformed into a giant snake, breaking the grapple, and promptly falling 80 feet to the ground, where she was promptly attacked by some of the wolves.

Meanwhile, as Creed continued to send blasts of magic at their foes from the safety of the house, and Sharpe hopped down into melee range, Mystogan and Wombert teleported onto the back of the Roc. This annoyed the Roc, and it went into a spinning dive, attempting to knock them off. Wombert, thanks to his quick reflexes, was able to hang on, but Mystogan went plummeting to the ground below. Alone on the back of the Roc, Wombert walked calmly to its head, and tossed a magic bean into its gaping beak, summoning a treant which appeared in the Roc’s throat, punching it wildly. Unable to withstand the assault, the Roc succumbed to its injuries, and the party dealt with the remaining wolves below (with Creed crushing one under the house).

After that, the party continued on, until Wombert decided to plant another of his magic beans, summoning a 60 foot pyramid in the middle of the road, which they then travelled through. With the prank master, William, leading the way, they made it safely into the central chamber, where they proceeded to awaken and fight a mummy. Sharpe and Adama got cursed and continually frustrated Creed’s attempts at strategic moves, but in the end they won, everyone survived, and they all got some sweet loot from the mummy’s treasure horde. Since they wrecked the road, their new Treant friend stayed behind to try and create a new road, since the old one now had a pyramid on it… Adama wasn’t feeling so well, and Mystogan inspected her, finding out that she had contracted the plague, but deciding to see what happened next before doing anything about it.

After a bit more travelling, they finally met up with Seven. She told them more about the symptoms of the plague, and Creed convinced her to help with his plan to aid the royal family- it seemed that the Princess Emellia was also sick with the plague, and Creed believed he had a way to suppress it, until treatment could be found. Before Seven would take them anywhere, she insisted they do something about Adama’s sickness- either confirm that they could control it, or have Adama stay behind. Fortunately, Sharpe remembered the card he’d drawn in the game with Arthion, and promptly made it so that Adama had never contracted the plague in the first place, negating the entire discussion.

Seven took them in to meet with Urrik, who agreed to bring them to Mara, who knew the secret entrances into the castle. However, he let the group know he didn’t do anything for free, and insisted that they sign a contract stating they agreed to complete a yet unstated task for him, whenever he asked, whatever he asked. Thinking fast, Mystogan altered Urrik’s memories so he believed they had signed the contracts, ensuring the party didn’t have to bind themselves to anything they might regret. Happily thinking things had gone his way, Urrik left to fulfill his end of the deal, and the party waited to see what would happen next…



Chapter 21

12 Nightal- 17 Tarsakh

Having finished the task they set out to do, the party debated what their next move was- would they make the long trek to the Temple of Omos, to speak to Velka in person? How would they deal with their contract with the Giants? No easy answer could be found, so the party decided to focus on the immediate task at hand- leaving the strange forest, and returning the body of the slain werewolf back to its clan. They returned to their house, with two new members in tow- Adama’s tiny luck dragon, and Wombert’s new friend, William.

As they maneuvered their house back through the woods, led by Creed’s (mostly) accurate directions, they already detected some slight changes to the forest. The perpetual dusk seemed to have lightened somewhat, now bathing the trees in what looked to be the light of a never ending dawn. Adama detected the sound of a few birds, something that had been absent before.

The party reached the werewolf encampment, and Adama, Sharpe, and Wombert proceeded to speak with Amarok, and were invited to participate in the funeral ceremony for the slain werewolf. While this was happening, Mystogan and Creed shared a cryptic conversation, in which Mystogan wondered how best to reveal the fact that he was one of the Four Horsemen, without actually explicitly stating it. The rest of the party returned to the house, and Ceirnon, the werewolf the party had rescued when they first entered the forest, offered to lead the party the rest of the way out, and they accepted. They stopped quickly to say goodbye to Beathan, who was slightly confused by the fact that they were leaving, but said he hoped to see them again soon.

Upon leaving the forest, the party experienced something strange- their memories seemed to swim hazily, with Wombert totally forgetting the entire trip through the forest. After some trolling, Mystogan deigned to restore Wombert’s memories, and they continued on. They eventually arrived at the city of Waydale, where other travelers were heading in preparation for the festival of Greengrass- something that threw the party off, as Greengrass shouldn’t have been until the end of Tarsakh, which was a few months away. It seemed that on leaving the forest, what had felt like minutes to them turned to weeks for the outside world. There was much they would need to catch up on.

Creed spoke with a guard, telling him that they were the heroes of Caerlin, who were currently undercover. He also happened to inform him of the group’s new name, the Knights Blightwood, pointing out the flag he’d attached to their house as their new symbol. The guard was honored at being confided in by these heroes, and agreed to keep their presence a secret.

As the party settled down for the night, they learned several things- there were rumors of disease and sickness spreading on the other side of the mountains. Trade had slowed to almost nothing, leaving the dwarven market of Silverdeep nearly empty. There was rumor that the gate leading out to Caerlin had been closed. Mystogan checked in with Seven to find out more, and she confirmed much of the rumors. Caerlin was in the grips of a plague, and the home of the Heroes of Caerlin had been put under quarantine. There had been numerous deaths, the first reported case being their elderly stable hand, Norris. The high priest, Darron Thurlo, had also succumbed to the illness. As for the royal family, no one had seen them recently.

Seven also had news on Wombert’s family. She had spent much of her time tracking them, becoming increasingly concerned when weeks went by with no answer from Mystogan. She had heard reports of pirates abducting travelers on the coasts near Mirestone, and believed Wombert’s family had fallen victim. The information she had gathered seemed to indicate these prisoners were being taken to the city of Karn, the territory of the Burning Blade Orcs. She would have pursued the rumors further, but without contact from her friends, and the sickness that began to break out, she was unable to continue.

Creed received a dream from his patron, in which she praised him for his actions in defeating Gandling, and implied that it had been her who sent the dream that tipped Velka off, starting the whole quest for the chalice. She hinted that there was more to come, and that she would be contacting him again soon.

With all this in mind, the party headed through the tunnels beneath the mountains to the city of Silverdeep. On their way they passed several checkpoints, but were still allowed to pass. Leaving the city, however, was another matter. the market by the East Road was nearly empty, and the great Gates were shut. The party was told that they would be allowed to leave, but once they did, they wouldn’t be allowed to reenter the city. Seeing no other option, they agreed, and headed forth, the Gates shutting behind them. As they passed down the East Road, they came across several additional blockades that had been added, manned by mostly elderly dwarves- they had volunteered to stand guard and send reports to the closed city.

Exiting the tunnel, they found the area completely deserted. A wooden barricade and sign detailing the quarantine warned travelers coming from Caerlin that they would not be allowed to pass until the threat of the sickness had been eradicated. The only consolation to what they saw was the empty sky above them- no sign of the giant’s castle could be seen. Unsure of what they would find, the party continued on down the road.



Chapter 20
A Brush With Death

11-12 Nightal

Entering the room before them, the party found themselves in what looked to be a tiered lecture hall. Down at the bottom, standing before a large cauldron, was a sickly looking, elderly man- who could only be Professor Slate. Rather than allow him to gain the upper hand, the party launched an attack, with Wombert wisely grappling the Professor, stopping him from reaching much of his magical arsenal.

The fight was over fairly quickly, but the party had expended many resources. They debated what to do, and, knowing that their most powerful foe still lurked beneath, settled on a night’s sleep before they headed to face him. Doubling back, they spent the night warily watching the stairs, alert for any ambush that might come while they slept- but none came.

Finally, they felt prepared to face the headmaster himself. Heading into the final level of the crypts, they found themselves in a richly appointed study. There, sitting at ease by the fireplace, sat Darkmaster Gandling. He informed the party that he had been following their process through the school, and approved of their methods. Rather than simply kill them, he wished to offer them a chance to join him in accomplishing his goals.

He was, in fact, a Titan- raised in secret by Tenebrous, and kept to accomplish the gods own plans, rather than aid the mortals of Cerrunos. However, the death of Tenebrous had caused a loss of much of his power, and he had toiled for many years to recover a fraction of it. Now, using souls of the dead as a conduit, he was siphoning the last of the blood of the slain god from the forest- a task which had taken much longer, and required more souls, than he had anticipated. He didn’t want to see his work go to waste, and offered to aid the party in accomplishing their goals, as he would prove a powerful ally with his power restored. Money, fame, power, family, acceptance…he offered rewards to each party member in turn, but they could not be swayed, and battle soon commenced.

Through a combination of luck and skill, the party survived Gandling’s most deadly spells (most of which had been directed at Creed, in an attempt to remove him from the battle), and defeated the fallen Titan. They proceeded to finish destroying the Tomes Alexi had tasked them with, and were rewarded when he opened the Barov family vault for their reward.

The party then headed into Gandling’s ritual chamber, where a great bowl filled with a swirling substance sat, slowly draining. As they entered, Wombert climbed up the steps leading to the bowl, and attempted to drink some of the “liquid” within. As he devoured what turned out to be a human soul, the mirror on the wall suddenly activated, displaying the reptilian eye of the black dragon, Sintharia.

She was annoyed that they kept stumbling on to her plans and disrupting them, and revealed the full extent of what the party had involved themselves in. Proclaiming herself the Harbinger of the Four, she explained that there had been four powerful Titans raised in secret by the Betrayer Gods, hidden and left dormant in the world, as a fail-safe should the Godswar result in their defeat. Sintharia was tasked to find and wake the Four- Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine, and implied that she had so far succeeded in finding two of the four, one being Gandling- Death. She also revealed that she had initially believed the Amadan Duhr to be another, War, though that was not the case. She warned the party against meddling in affairs beyond their station, implying that she had an unpleasant surprise awaiting them when they returned home.

Processing this, the party rested briefly, and prepared to leave the crypts behind.


Chapter 19
The Butcher's Sanctum

10-11 Nightal

As combat continued, Sharpe found himself face to face with the ghostly specter of Jandice Barov. He managed to shrug off her attempts to influence his mind, and as the rest of the party arrived in the room, combat began. Though it was a difficult fight, the party managed to defeat Jandice, successfully clearing the entire first level of the crypts.

After resting in the great hall, they woke up ready to face the second level. Heading downwards, they found themselves on the edge of a room containing towering constructs of flesh. Splitting up, the party positioned themselves at the two grates leading into the room, and proceeded to hit the towering forms with their ranged attacks. They did as much damage as they could before having to enter the room, continuing the fight in close quarters. As the last of the giants fell, the door in the middle of the room sprang open, and Dr. Theolen Krastinov, also known as “The Butcher” charged into the fray.

Though the party fought him with all their might, their attacks only seemed to drive the Butcher into an even greater frenzy. He continued to carve mercilessly through the party, ensuring his target was killed before moving to the next. Wombert, Adama, and Sharpe were all slain in the battle, with Creed and Mystogan managing to hang on, and finally take down their enemy. Thanks to Mystogan’s skills, the fallen members of the party were revived, and the group took a few moments to recuperate from the harrowing battle, as well as burn another of the evil tomes.

Continuing on through the second floor, the party came to a room which contained a large skeletal construct, sat on the floor. He wouldn’t allow the party to pass without seeing the medallions the necromancers wore- fortunately he was not very intelligent, and the party had picked up enough amulets during their battles (plus Gobby, their reanimated goblin friend, still had his on), so they were allowed to pass unharmed.

They found themselves in a room which contained two sets of descending stairs, and a few doors. Checking the one, they found it to be the room of Professor Slate, the potion and alchemy master, though he wasn’t present. Heading out, they paused outside the next door, wanting to ensure they were prepared to face whatever might be inside…



Chapter 18
Into the Crypts

10 Nightal

After some deliberation, the party entered the crypts beneath the ruined Barov Estate. Inside, they were met by the skeletal remains of the former head of the Estate, Alexi Barov himself. He charged the party to destroy not only the practitioners of the dark necromantic arts within, but also four tomes containing forbidden and evil knowledge. In return, he would open the family vault for them, and assist them in passing the Gatekeeper. The party accepted his offer, and headed forwards.

The party easily defeated the two boneguards at the gate, and entered into the Gatekeeper’s chamber, where Ha’Kariss, a giant snake with a humanoid face, awaited them. Creed vaguely recognized her species, having seen them depicted in carvings in Reshe. She informed them that she had been taken from the desert by Gandling at a young age, and was kept as his pet. She would allow the party to pass her, if they agreed to let her roam free once they had defeated Gandling.

Again, the party accepted, and headed on to the library (after looting the cellars and meeting William, the boggle lurking in the bathroom). There they encountered their first instructor, Chillheart, who was channeling into her phylactery with a group of students. Thanks to some tactical positioning, long range attacks, and a well chosen spell from Creed, the party decimated the group of necromancers. They also found the first tome, which Creed kept rather than burning, much to the annoyance of Alexi Barov.

Continuing further, the party investigated the student quarters, where they brutally murdered a sleeping goblin. They entered Chillheart’s room, looking over her research and finding a small luck dragon, which Adama healed. They left the creature there, promising to return for it.

They passed through the Great Hall without incident, and entered the hall of illusions- it was lit by an eerie glow from two huge green candles, being channeled into by pairs of mages. A few ghouls shambled mindlessly through the room. Combat began, and the party battled their way through the mages. As the final mage attempted to flee, the party pursued them, leaving behind Sharpe, who was investigating the candles. As the final mage was slain, the candle light was suddenly snuffed out, and a spectral figure appeared beside Sharpe…



Chapter 17
A Game of Cards

5-9 Nightal

The party’s attempt to escape without drawing Granny’s notice failed, and a difficult battle ensued. During the fight, Granny’s true form was revealed- that of an ancient hag. The party managed to defeat her, and her house, which went rampaging through the battlefield.

As Creed secretly gained control over the house, the party checked inside, and learned the sad fate of Beathan’s siblings. They had been consumed by Granny in an attempt to restore her waning power, another side effect of the corruption in the forest. Beathan gave the party his sibling’s former toys as thanks, and promised to guide them to their destination.

Setting off, the party continued their travel through the forest, until they reached an area that was noticeably greener- the sound of small birds and animals could be heard. Beathan began to get excited, telling the party that his friend lived here. When questioned, he said that his friend, Arthion, loved to play games, and often moved his home through the forest.

After following the party in the shape of a fox, Arthion was noticed by Mystogan, and introduced himself in a more human form. The party wanted to ask him questions, to which he proposed they play a game of chance- he had a deck of cards. For every card pulled, he would give a truthful answer. Simply pulling a card was a game in itself, as they contained wild and potent magic.

Things seemed to be going generally well for the party, until Adama and Mystogan pulled two cursed cards. Instantly, their souls were torn from their bodies and imprisoned- trapped in two gems that Arthion held. Eager to continue the game, he allowed them to place more wagers, betting themselves against the cards. He agreed to allow them to play for the two cards that might be able to help their friends.

Sharpe gained the first card, The Fates, after a risky 50/50 draw. For the second, Arthion posed a riddle to the group. The rules were as follows: he would give each person who agreed to participate a line of the riddle. Each person was required to submit their own, independent guess. If they all got it right, Creed would get the card. If one of them guessed wrong, Arthion would possess all of their souls. Wombert, his knight buddy Grobert, Sharpe, and Creed all agreed to participate. Arthion gave them this riddle:

Always old, sometimes new.
Never sad, sometimes blue.
Never empty, sometimes full.
Never pushes, always pulls.

Creed quickly solved it, telepathically telling his friends to answer “moon.” They obliged, and Creed was handed the Moon card- quickly freeing Mystogan and Adama with a well worded wish. With that, the party decided they’d had enough playing games, and headed on to their destination.

Upon reaching the city, they bid farewell to Beathan, who stayed on the outskirts with Grobert and Granny’s old house. They spoke briefly with the ghostly residents of Scholomance, and learned a few key things about the dungeon they were about to face.

Under the ruins of the Barov family estate, in the dark catacombs, lay a forbidden school of necromancy. Run by Darkmaster Gandling, the school dabbled in the darkest realms of magic. In addition to the Darkmaster, 5 teachers assisted in the running of the school. Few entered the place, and even less went out. Debating what to do next, the party stopped to prepare themselves for what lay ahead…

Cards Drawn
Creed: Vizier, Moon
Sharpe: Sun, The Fates
Mystogan: Gem, Donjon
Adama: Balance, Flames, Throne, Void
Wombert: Comet, Euryale, Knight, Ruin, Skull

A summary of effects can be found here.


Chapter 16
Friends and Foes

31 Uktar- 4 Nightal

The party followed Ceirnon to his camp, and were taken to meet with Amarok, the leader of the werewolves that resided there. Amarok listened to their story, and sent them to talk with the village herbalist, Orla, who he believed might be able to help them find a guide through the forest. Orla told them of a small being that lived in the forest, Beathan. She showed Adama and Sharpe which herbs to gather in order to draw Beathan to them, while Mystogan lost a game of chess to Creed and Wombert.

After burning the herbs, the party waited for some time, until they noticed a small, child-like figure watching them- Beathan had arrived. Although he seemed confused by their terms of measurement and references to time, he agreed to help the party, but warned them to watch out for his Granny, who he was hiding from. The party agreed, and Beathan led them off into the forest.

All seemed to be going well, until they woke one morning to see a cozy looking cottage with a pair of what looked like chicken legs standing at the edge of their camp, and Beathan nowhere to be found. A kindly old woman exited the cottage, telling the party they could call her Granny. She explained that she was searching for Beathan, who was a dangerous troublemaker and trickster. It was her job to keep him in line, and ensure he didn’t harm anyone.

The party remained wary of Granny, though Wombert, Mystogan, and Sharpe eventually checked out her cottage. After two days of aimless travel ( in which Mystogan proceeded to lose more games of chess), they were woken in the night by a terrified Beathan, who motioned for them to follow him. The party decided to attempt to escape the camp, without Granny noticing…


Chapter 15
The Shadowlands

26-30 Uktar

Having proved themselves to the dwarves by slaying the deadly Behir, the party was escorted to the Shaperate, the hall in which dwarven memories are stored. Velka was there, searching for the source of the corruption afflicting the chalice.

After some discussion, Velka agreed to the party’s offer of assistance. She believed the chalice was bound to a dark creature, a remnant of the Slain God’s power. This was far in the Shadowlands, over the Silverdeep mountains, about a month’s journey away. The party would venture into the woods, to clear out the source of the corruption, while Velka returned the chalice to the temple of Omos, located on an island past Modan.

Without further ado, the party headed off through Silverdeep, entering the town of Waydale on the other side. They quickly discovered that Waydale was under the protection of The Silver Hand, thanks to Adama’s poorly timed transformation into a large bear. After spending the night in a cell, Adama rejoined the party, and they continued on to Shadowlands, hitching a ride part of the way.

Upon entering the forest, the party found it difficult to judge distance and time- it seemed to be stuck at dusk, and tracking their progress through the twisted and dying forest was a challenge. They stumbled upon a clearing containing a scene of frozen battle- three members of the Silver Hand, fighting a werewolf.

Curious as to what was causing this, Adama approached the still figures, finding herself frozen as well when she touched them. Two wraith-like creatures appeared, attempting to ambush the party. After a long battle, the creatures fled, dropping their trap- leaving the corpses of the Silver Hand and freeing the injured werewolf.

The werewolf spoke to the party, thanking them for their assistance, and introducing himself as Ceirnon. He explained that there had been more of them frozen, but the creatures had been slowly returning to claim new meals as time wore on. He wasn’t sure how long he had been there. In return for their assistance, he agreed to take them to meet the rest of his tribe, and the party followed him deeper into the forest…


Chapter 14
Castle in the Sky

23-25 Uktar

Having informed Kelvin of their success (and received various hand knitted items as thanks) the party continued on to Caerlin, where they delivered the 3 giant eagle chicks to the Griffon Master. After taking care of some business in town, they headed for home. They were just branching off down the path to their estate when suddenly a shadow passed overhead- a massive floating island with a castle perched atop it, moving through the sky. As they stared upwards, a few pages of lilac coloured parchment fluttered down, all saying the same thing- “Here for a limited time only- The Cloudtop Casino! Come for gambling, good food, and great views!” Each included a small map with an X near the city of Silverdeep.

Always up for some gambling, Creed was eager to head over- but first they had to get the baby owlbear off their hands. Returning to the manor, they met with their staff. Wesley presented a rather crestfallen Norris with his new charge, and the party headed out, with the owlbear now safely stashed in the stables (at least for the time being).

Hitching a ride on the cart that delivered their supplies, the party made the journey in record time (though not in comfort). The castle loomed up ahead, and scores of excited (and rich) looking people waited down below. While they waited for their turn on the platform, Creed impressed them all with his somewhat questionable knowledge of sky castles. Soon they made their way up, and found themselves in a large courtyard. While the rest of the party quickly got to gambling, Sharpe wandered about and offended the castle guards, insisting the master of the castle wanted to see them. After being threatened, he rejoined the group, which now contained a flaming, musical, fish lord (Adama), a sentient flubber belonging to Wombert, and a newly divorced Mystogan.

They went to grab a bite to eat, and were approached by the same guard who had turned Sharpe away earlier. Rather chagrined, he informed them that the masters wished to speak with them. The party were led into the central tower, where they met the two cloud giant twins, Mithos and Rathos. The giants had heard that the famed “Heroes of Caerlin” had come to their castle, and had a proposition for them. A dwarven woman had stolen their most valuable gambling item- a chalice that allowed the gambler to wager years of their life for a chance at immortality. They followed her here, to the outskirts of Silverdeep, and were hoping the party would follow her and retrieve the chalice for them. They promised a rich reward- items from their treasury, or perhaps one of their exotic flying creatures. The party agreed, and signed the contract the giant’s provided.

On the way out, however, they noticed a previously obscured area of the castle was open to them- a tunnel leading down into a cavern lined with crystalline quartz. This was the home of the ancient air serpentess, Aura. She informed the party that the dwarven woman, Velka, had indeed stolen the chalice- but that she did so due to her believe that it was corrupt and evil. Aura told the party they had a choice; to assist Velka in her task, or carry out their original agreement. Regardless of what they chose, the giants would be watching, due to the party’s signing of the magical contract. With much to think about, the party headed for Silverdeep, in search of Velka.

Entering the dwarven city, they quickly learned that they would need to prove themselves if they wished to gain any information, or access to Velka herself- due to the fact that Velka was a distinguished paragon in the eyes of the dwarves. After hearing of trouble in the mines, the party convinced Folgrim, the head of the mining caste, to let them deal with the problem as a way of proving themselves to the dwarves. Folgrim warned them that the creature that had emerged was extremely dangerous, and had slain many dwarves already.

With that dire warning in their minds, the party headed deep into the dark mine shaft ahead. After wandering for quite some time, they set up camp, keeping an uneasy watch for the inevitable attack. Thanks to Creed’s warning, they had time to prepare themselves as a massive behir came rushing down the tunnel towards them. A deadly battle ensued, with Sharpe being swallowed by the creature. Wombert and Adama also fell to it’s vicious strikes, but it was felled in the nick of time by the combined efforts of Mystogan and Creed, who kept their distance. Mystogan quickly attended to the fallen Sharpe, and soon had the rest of the party up as well. They cut trophies from the beast as proof of their efforts, and settled back down to finish a much needed rest.


Chapter 13
Bird's the Word

17-24 Uktar

Having prepared their plan during the day, the party had the children of Strathmore gather to sleep in a large barn on the edge of town. With the parents waiting down the street, the party kept watch outside- except for Creed, who told them to wake him up if anything happened. After a while, something did happen- the darkness became darker, signifying that something had entered the barn.

After some tedious attempted combat in the dark against an invisible teleporting creature, it was finally revealed that they were fighting a grossly obese Nycaloth, who had been feeding off the fear of the city’s children. Ignoring its offers of power, the party managed to slay it, keeping the children safe. They accepted a small but heartfelt reward from the townsfolk, and decided to head back to their home.

On the way, Adama decided it was time to teach the elderly farmer she’d chastised a serious lesson. With the party following, they made their way to the ramshackle house where the old man lived with his two sons. After yelling at the man, Adama set his fence on fire. As the old man cried about contacting the guards, Creed, Wombert, and Sharpe helped him put out the fire. Creed gave him a generous handful of gold to apologize, and the party headed back to the road.

After a few days, they were close to home, but decided to take up their final quest- aiding Kelvin the farmer with the “derned big burds” that were causing him trouble. Kelvin turned out to be a stooped, elderly man who lived in a cozy cottage not too far from their own home. He invited them all in for tea, and explained that his sheep were being carried off. He used to have 6-now only 3 remained.

After hatching a brilliant plan (and locking the baby owlbear in the woodshed), the party headed into the forest. The following morning, Adama turned into a sheep and bleated loudly, which succeeded in attracting the giant eagle on its way to steal another of Kelvin’s sheep. It had barely got its talons around her, when it was promptly destroyed by Creed. The party celebrated by cutting off various bits of the eagle, with Sharpe beginning to cook some tasty eagle meat breakfast.

Suddenly, a second eagle flew overhead. The party began to panic, rushing back towards Kelvin’s house- Sharpe stayed put, continuing to cook breakfast. Just as they arrived, the eagle was taking off, with a sheep in its grasp. They chased it back through the forest, with Sharpe giving up on breakfast and joining them.

They came out into a clearing, where a hill with a giant, dead tree rose out of the ground. A huge nest with 3 baby giant eagles (who were devouring the sheep) loomed before them. After a long and confusing encounter, in which Wombert was thrown out of the nest for pretending to be a featherless hatchling, Creed murdered another giant eagle, Adama spent a lot of time bleating, and the party learned the importance of rope, they headed back to Kelvin’s cottage, with three baby eagles in tow…



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