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  • King Eldin Elric

    Caerlin is an old and historic city, at least by human standards. Reaching its 500th year, the city's humble beginnings can still be seen in the attitude of it's ruling family, the Elrics. Refusing the extravagance that tempts many rulers, the story goes …

  • Queen Iselda Elric

    Queen Iselda has ruled Caerlin beside her husband for over 20 years. The party first encountered the Queen in [[Episode 3 | Episode 3]], when they returned her son Theron to the castle.

  • Prince Tristian Elric

    The second eldest, Tristian is the most military minded of his family, training extensively with the family's swordmaster, and accompanying the city guards on patrolls throughout the city.

  • Prince Owain Elric

    Though he is the twin brother of Princess Alys, Prince Owain is much more serious and reserved. Largely uninterested in the art of combat, Owain has a keen mind and has shown interest in the more religious aspects of Caerlin's history.

  • Prince Theron Elric

    By far the youngest member of the ruling family, Prince Theron finds his royal duties a pain. He would much rather be out in the forest, encountering the creatures he's read about in his books. The Party freed Theron from drow captivity during [[ …

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