Runa Skyborn


One of the Titans raised by the gods, Runa was sent to combat the Great Old One Yamara. Wielding the greatsword, Solas, and a blessed shield that blinds the enemy with the light of the sun, Runa descended into the depths of the Underdark to seek out her foe. Blinding the drow with the holy light of Omos, she slew many on her way to The Lady of Chaos. The ensuing battle was fierce, but with Yamara blinded in her dark den, Runa had the advantage.

Sealing Yamara in a coffin of white marble, Runa transported her to a tiny island, in the unmapped North past Farreach, where her long vigil began…

The goliaths revere Runa, and see her as a paragon of their people. Their Thanes adopt the surname of “Skyson” or “Skydottir,” as a sign of honour and respect.

The party met Runa, trapped in her own sword, when they visited The White Tomb, hoping to find answers.

As of Chapter 10, Runa has been freed from her imprisonment, and resumed her duties as guardian of the Tomb.

Runa Skyborn

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