The Reach


With its hands in the pockets of every city on the map, The Reach can be found throughout the civilized portions of Cerrunos. A guild of thieves, tricksters, and more, it’s the place to contact if you need something stolen, someone assassinated, or a secret revealed (if you can pay them, that is). The Reach has chapters in every major city, though members can be found far and wide, if you know the right signs. Each chapter is run by a Guildmaster.

Becoming a member of The Reach is a process which requires the applicant to first be sponsored by a current member. Once they’ve been vouched for, they undergo a series of test, which determine what rank they will enter the guild as. The ranking system comprises of two titles- one for general ability, one for specialization. Members choose between the following streams: thief, assassin, and infiltrator. They then undergo a specific evaluation to see if they are approved to pursue that area.

Every member has access to general job postings, which are sorted by rank. Once approved for a specialization, they can access additional jobs available only to members of that stream. One advances through the ranks by successfully completing jobs, with both the difficulty of the task and the skill with which it was done taken into account. An ambitious journeyman might, for example, take on an adept job in the hopes of boosting their rank progression- though they may find themselves out of their depth.


Grand Master

Known members:
Seven Sixclaw

The Reach

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