Yearly Calendar


The Calendar of Harptos defines the year for most of Cerrunos. It’s a 365-day year divided into 12 months of 30 days – or 3 tendays – each. Five special days fall between the months, and every four years a leap day, Shieldmeet, is added to the calendar immediately following Midsummer night.

Winter Solstice: Nightal 20th
Spring Equinox: Ches 19th
Summer Solstice: Kythorn 20th
Autumn Equinox: Eleint 21st

1. Hammer, “Deepwinter”
Annual holiday: Midwinter
2. Alturiak, “The Claw of Winter”
3. Ches, “The Claw of the Sunsets”
4. Tarsakh, “The Claw of the Storms”
Annual holiday: Greengrass
5. Mirtul, “The Melting”
6. Kythorn, “The Time of Flowers”
7. Flamerule, “Summertide”
Annual holiday: Midsummer
8. Eleasis, “Highsun”
9. Eleint, “The Fading”
Annual holiday: Highharvestide
10. Marpenoth, “Leaffall”
11. Uktar, “The Rotting”
Annual holiday: The Feast of the Moon
12. Nightal, “The Drawing Down”

Yearly Calendar

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