Timeline of Historic Events

0-2044, The First Age, The Age of Darkness

2044-3721, The Second Age, The Age of Mending
*2135 Leanan and Asena raised by Silvanus
*2141 Runa Skyborn raised by Omos and Yun-Harla
*2145 Andvari raised by Erevan and Sinestra
*2150 Sigurd and Fafnir raised by Luthic and Mystral
*2153 Darrus raised by Silvanus and Omos
*2167 Vulth and C’thuun defeated
*2172 Tsoth defeated
*2179 Yamara defeated
*2198 Lythalia defeated

3721-4434, The Third Age, The Golden Age
*3700-4100 The Great Temples and other wonders built
*4300 The decline of the Golden Age

4434-8000, The Fourth Age, The Age of Loss
*4434 The Godswar begins
*5225 Tenebrous slain, end of the Godswar
*5227 Divine gates closed, Cerrunos cut off

8000-Present, The Fifth Age, The Age of Mortals
*8100 The elves leave the now ruined Shadowlands, and establish El’Thalas
*8663 Sylvaroth established
*8831 Silverdeep established
*9280 Reshe established
*9300 Rimefell and its Council established
*9344 God-King Seru begins his rule in Reshe
*9652 A revolt against the Caste system breaks out in Silverdeep, with many dwarves leaving to form what becomes Keledur
*10,215 Caerlin established
*10,380 The Barovs begin logging operations in Scholomance
*10,761 King Eldin Elric begin his rule in Caerlin
*10,783 The adventure begins!

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Timeline of Historic Events

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